Trevor Legg

Hi there! My name is Trevor. I live in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. I am a video creator.


Welcome to my gallery

This is a hype/promo video I created for the UW-Madison club wrestling team. I traveled to Minnesota to film bits of their wrestling competition and then directed a spotlight session of the athletes themselves. Get hyped!

This is a wedding I shot of a couple who goes to my church. I was so excited when they wanted to hire me to film their big day. This was the first wedding I shot by myself. It went a lot smoother than I expected given the fact I filmed a wedding a day before this.

This is a promo teaser I put together for a campus ministry conference that i’m a part of. The conference is “Avengers: End game” themed so my aim was to make an epic Avengers vibes edit to get people excited about coming!

This is about my friend and former teammate, Armando. He is one to show a lot of grit and mental toughness when it comes to running. He’s always a joy to be around and has a light-hearted soul. Enjoy a video about a running legend.

A short promo for a campus ministry conference representing the theme, “On Fire”.

I had the privilege of going on a volunteer trip to Bucharest, Romania to help out orphanages. I was a part of an amazing group of disciples from all over the world! During the two-week journey, I interviewed a few members of the group and captured important moments through video. It was such a grind! sharing about the trip!

This is a promo video of a campus ministry conference that was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin called “Answer”. A special thanks to everyone’s beautiful face who made it into the video!

Olbrich gardens. A magical place filled with so many kinds of flowers and critters. This video is from when I just started getting into video production. Just playin’ around.

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Send me an email or call me if you are interested in my video work! I would love to chat with you about a project. Also, send me any questions or comments you have.

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